Fallout 4 Perk Chart

There are several Fallout 4 Perks, and it is easy to get confused as to which ones are good and which are not. Luckily, we’ve put together a handy chart that will help you decide what to pick.

Idiot Savant

Idiot Savant is a perk in Fallout 4. You can get it by investing in Luck, and it can be very useful for early leveling.

Idiot Savant works by awarding you three times XP for any action, and a bonus multiplier when you receive experience points. It can be activated on any task, such as when you’re killing mobs or completing quests. However, it’s not very effective for doing small actions. It’s best to invest in Luck to increase the chances of your Perk working.

Idiot Savant is based on Luck, but it also has other stats. It starts with no Intelligence, and you need at least five Luck to unlock it.

Action Boy or Action Girl

The Action Boy or Action Girl perk is one of the oldest perks in the game. It stacks up well with the QX-01 power armor. Although it does not have the AP refresh rate of a tank, it can still do its job in a pinch. The perk also has a few other useful perks to boot. Some of the more important ones include improved damage resistance when sprinting, better critical hits (in the context of a weapon aimed at a human target), and an extra 25 Action Points. It may be a good idea to pause before using your last point of health to see how much AP you’ve got left.


Life Giver is a perk in Fallout 4 that will help you survive longer. It can regenerate health and rehydrate Chems, as well as increase your max health and endurance. There are three levels of this perk and they each offer a different set of benefits.

At the highest level, this perk gives you an extra 20 health points, or 60 if you’re really good. While this doesn’t sound like a lot, it can make a significant difference in the early game.

This perk isn’t always active, so you’ll want to use it sparingly. It will also give you some pretty impressive bonuses. For instance, if you’re in the sun, you can heal a tad bit of radiation damage.

Critical Banker

If you are playing Fallout 4, you can bank up to four critical hits with the Critical Banker perk. This perk can be found in the Luck section of the Perk Tree. It allows you to save critical hits and even sometimes give you an extra Critical Hit if you bank it. However, you need a decent luck score to take advantage of this perk.

If you don’t want to spend the full three points required for Critical Banker, you can also get the Better Criticals perk. This perk will increase your crit chance by 50% and your crit damage by double. This will allow you to deal insane damage to difficult enemies.

Gun Nuts

Fallout 4 offers a variety of perks and weapons to choose from. They are not all useful, though. In fact, some are just silly. This is where the Gun Nut perk comes in. It allows you to change the gizmo on your weapon, so you can customize the performance of it and the damage you inflict on your foes.

It is a perk associated with the Intelligence Stat. It is not a good choice for newbies, as it does not offer much in the way of benefits, although it does let you customize your weapon. In addition to the ol’ fashion upgrade options, it also gives you access to Rank 1 weapon mods. You can increase the size of your magazine, improve the rate of fire, and add a silencer to your firearm. You can also adjust the recoil of your weapon.


The perks in Fallout 4 are plentiful, and you can find some really awesome ones. The sexiest of these perk types is the power armor, which will get you a lot of extra damage, and it will also add a bit of buffs to your stats, making it a worthwhile upgrade. You will definitely want to consider getting this one, as it will make you a formidable opponent on any battlefield. The other big perk is the ring, which will also add a bit of buffs. It is also a worthy investment if you have some time on your hands.

The ring is the most expensive perk of the lot, and the most expensive perk to upgrade from level one. However, the ring is the most rewarding and useful perk to date. The best part is that it will improve your damage output by a factor of two, so you will be ready to rumble at a moment’s notice.

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