How Can I Publish Articles Online and Get Paid?

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If you’re a Christian and are interested in writing about topics that are relevant to Christians, there are several online publications that you can submit articles to and get paid for. Many of these publications pay a minimum of $100 per article, but the final rate will depend on the length and topic. Many of them pay via PayPal, and you can even submit your work for consideration if you’ve previously been published elsewhere.

One popular publication for list posts is Listverse. The platform works with writers to create click-worthy posts. The list posts typically contain 10 items on a specific topic. Topics range from general knowledge, entertainment, and science, and contributors can earn up to $100 for a single article.

Her View From Home

Her View From Home is a website that pays its writers based on the number of pageviews their articles receive. They are also required to submit an invoice for payment. If you are interested in writing about parenting, you can try writing for Stork Guide, an online magazine aimed at new moms. You don’t have to be a new mom to write for this website, as they will only pay you for content that is helpful to new moms.

Her View From Home also pays for quality articles. This site pays between $200 and $300 for essays and feature articles. You must have a unique perspective and be able to present an original idea to get published. The articles should be between 600-800 words in length.


You can use various websites to publish articles. Expatics is one of them. You can get paid $50-$150 per published article. Moreover, you can write about any topic as long as it is related to expatriate life. The website aims to publish two or three guest articles a month. In order to get published, you need to submit a sample of your writing and a detailed outline of your article. In addition, you must also include a current blog URL to your previous work, and a brief description of your writing style. Expatics editors will decide whether they are interested in your article based on its content and whether your writing style fits their review criteria.

The editors of the website comprise of writers, researchers, and subject matter experts. They strive to provide readers with information that will help them make better career decisions. Articles are often written by creative professionals who are seeking new ways to earn money. Fortunately, there are many freelance websites and online publishing platforms that accept articles from writers.


ArticleBiz is a platform that lets people publish their articles and get paid for them. This platform has a variety of terms and conditions. You can choose a specific niche based on the content of your article. This allows you to make a living writing about something that interests you. ArticleBiz also allows you to submit articles to various online publishers.

Once you submit your articles to article directories, you can make money by displaying ads on your articles. Many article directories, like Hubpages and Info Barrel, pay up to 50% of AdSense revenue. Ads on these sites can earn you as much as $3-4 per click.

ArticleBiz offers a variety of free article directories, including those with no pay. These directories feature your author box and a backlink to your website. Many writers use these sites to gain exposure for their businesses. You can use them to gain exposure for your freelance writing business and get exposure by increasing traffic to your website.

As a freelance writer, it can be difficult to find quality paying work. The only way to guarantee a good income is to submit quality articles on reputable sites. Article writing is a great way to earn money online, but many creative professionals are looking for new ways to make money. There are several freelance marketplaces and online publishing platforms that will pay you for your writing.

Google Sites

Google Sites is an excellent tool for people who want to share their works on the internet. Its user-friendly interface is easy to navigate. You can use the built-in drag-and-drop design elements to add text, images, and other elements to your pages. There are also more templates to choose from, so you can easily customize your site.

After you’ve created your site, you can add text, images, and videos. You can use Google’s free templates or purchase paid themes. You can also choose a new URL to link to your domain name. After you’ve added content, you can choose whether to make your site public or private. You can also choose the number of visitors you want to allow to view your site. How can I publish articles online and get paid?

Once your page is set up, you can customize the theme and add link buttons to the page. You can also use placeholders for images, YouTube videos, Google Calendar, and Google Maps. You can also edit the text in the placeholders by changing the font size and format. You can also use the three dots in the editing bar to format your text.

Another great feature of Google Sites is its ability to sell products and services. To sell on Google Sites, you’ll need a Google Business account. Then, you can display ads on your website using Google AdSense. To do this, you’ll need to create a Google AdSense account and log into your account.

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