We need to improve the work environment in companies

Companies are the place where most of us spend most of our working time. It is important that they are working properly, since a positive work environment influences our productivity and happiness.

And it is that to work in a favorable, relaxed and consequently productive environment, it is necessary to take into account certain measures that favor the climate in said work environments. According to the OECD survey “Well-being at work”, published in 2015, 62% of European employees say they are happy at work. However, despite the fact that most of us are happy in our work, there are a series of actions that we can take into account to improve the work environment in our company.

In this sense, SendGift wants to become the leading platform in the market to improve labor relations between employees in companies. The company aims to improve working conditions through improving the chemistry between teammates. According to a study conducted by Stanford University, when there are good relationships between teammates, productivity increases completely disproportionately.

SendGift wants to launch a series of tools that help improve labor relations between employees. The platform offers the possibility of exchanging gifts, congratulations and special messages in group and collaborative cards in which all team members can actively participate.

“The best companies are those in which all their members feel part of the same family”, they assure from the company. “At SendGift we want this to be possible not only to celebrate certain special and occasional occasions, but also to be a tool for corporate use in which any employee can access at any time and create a group card to congratulate a birthday, celebrate a promotion, congratulations on the birth of a baby or thanking a colleague who is retiring for all the moments lived, for example”

As explained by the company, this platform allows employees to “create and share a digital card directly from work, without having to leave the building or spend time looking for a physical store to buy the typical postcard that everyone must physically sign. But which is a process as simple as sharing the card through any digital channel and the other people in the office will be able to add their messages”

With the increase in remote work, an increase in initiatives like this is also expected, which allow improving the work environment both in teams that are physically in the office and in teams that work completely remotely.

The benefits of digital cards are numerous, since in addition to saving time and money to manage the entire physical process, they improve communication between colleagues.

During 2022 SendGift aspires to become the leading company in the sector in relation to improving labor relations between employees. The platform wants to be a reference in companies of all sectors and sizes, but especially in those in which employees work remotely from their homes and it is often difficult for them to interact with their colleagues outside the usual work environment.

Digital cards are a great way to improve working relationships in these situations, as they remove physical and geographical barriers. In addition, it allows employees to express their opinion and their feelings in a very simple way.

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