Five Nights at Freddy’s Moondrop Fanart

One of the most popular characters in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise is Moondrop. Moondrop looks like a jester or a clown. There are many Moondrop fanarts on Pinterest. This character is a popular choice in cosplay videos and is very popular on TikTok. Here are some of our favorite Moondrop Fanarts:

Moondrop is a Daycare Attendant

In FNAF fanart, Moondrop is a Daycare Attendant who is half moon and half sun. This animatronic humanoid character has a sultry grin and pupil-less eyes. Her outfits are red with yellow stripes. In FNaF lore, Moondrop does not have any major roles, but is generally considered the most adorable Daycare Attendant.

Despite her small role in the game, Moondrop has a huge fan base. This is evident by the huge number of fanarts focused on him. Her fanciful outfits have a star-studded nightcap. Her hair is adorned with a white ball. Her fanart is generally neat and she hates messes. However, she is also overprotective of Gregory and is a bit mean if you ban her from the daycare. She is often seen in fanart of other characters, and is also the one who warns you when the lights go out so you can escape.

Sun is energetic and loves playing with the kids. She also enjoys drinking Fizzy Faz. However, she panics when Gregory knocks over cans and tries to clean them up. She is also concerned with preventing Gregory from transforming. Her fear of transforming may also be due to this concern. However, it’s unknown why she’s so scared of becoming Gregory.

She looks like a jester or clown

The Daycare Attendant, Moondrop, appears to be a jester or clown, and is dressed in a grey shirt and puffy blue slacks with yellow/gold frills. He wears orange shoes with moon emblems and a black coat with workmanship on his face and eyes. He can also perform wire tricks. Fans of the FNAF franchise have created numerous Moondrop fanarts, which are very popular online.

A common image of Moondrop in FnaF is of a fish-shaped head. This picture depicts him sitting on a cardboard box and holding a yellow dandelion. The background is green grass under a gray sky. A dark-skinned clown woman, Bernie Biggtop, is next to him, and she wears a red & white striped party hat and a blue bowtie.

She appears in cosplay videos

Fnaf fanart featuring the Moondrop character has been appearing in various forms of cosplay for over a year. The Moondrop character has become popular in cosplay videos and animated videos and has also gained some popularity in the FNAF community on TikTok. Often hash-tagged with #sundrop, Moondrop is often seen in cosplay videos and animations.

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