Humbl Inc (OTC: TSNPD) – Is It Worth Buying?

The stock of Humbl Inc. (OTC: TSNPD) has been on an unstoppable tear in recent months, and continued to soar on Friday, jumping 42%. The company is likely to be the focus of many investors today, as Tesoro, the company behind Humbl, announced that it has received approval from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for a reverse takeover of the company.

Before TSNP, the company was an almost unknown, non-traded company. Today, the company is one of the largest companies on the OTC market, with a value of $7 billion – more than GoPro or JetBlue Airways combined. The company’s growth was fueled by a merger with HUMBL, a small software startup that did not yet have a full-fledged operating business.

Although TSNP had potential, the company’s stock isn’t worth buying today. The company has failed to meet expectations and has failed to meet its initial public offering valuation. Despite the recent success, HUMBL is still in a “fake-it-till-you-make-it” phase, which makes it a risky investment. Fortunately, a strong pipeline of products and patents could make TSNP a top pick for new-products.

When TSNP’s stock was trading below $1, the initial investors would have been able to profit from its rise. The downside to OTC investing is that it carries many risks. A quick and smart investor could have made a fortune from TSNP shares, but the company’s failure to build any products is a serious concern. Fortunately, the company has a promising product called BLOCK ETX, which has tremendous real-world applications.

While TSNP has a good track record, it has been a “fake” for investors. A fake-it-till-you-make-it cycle is a common feature of VC-funded companies. TSNP’s PR materials were akin to a startup pitchbook. A tepid press release from the company would have been the perfect opportunity for a fast-growing penny stock.

Before TSNP merged with HUMBL, the company was virtually unknown. Its stock price skyrocketed to $7 billion, making it the largest company on the OTC market. Its market cap is comparable to that of GoPro and JetBlue Airways. However, Tesoro was not a full-fledged operating business. That meant it was a great buy. In addition, Tesoro Enterprises’ stock is still a “fake” despite not having a full-fledged operating business at that time.

The company’s share price has been wildly volatile over the last few months. The stock has fallen below the $1 mark, and investors lost money. As a result, it is crucial to consider all of the risks associated with OTC investing. In the case of TSNP, the stock has a high risk of falling below the $1 mark. Its shareholders should also understand the risks involved with trading TSNP.

Investors who purchased TSNP stock were robbed of their money when the stock dipped below $1. The company is now a VC-funded startup with almost zero credibility. As a result, the stock has been highly volatile. However, the company’s technology has tremendous potential, and the stock could even make you rich if it’s a good investment. When you buy TSNP, you are risking your capital.

TSNP was a small company, but it has now become one of the most valuable companies on the OTC market. In fact, the stock was worth $7 billion a few months ago and is now more than two-thirds of a billion dollars. By contrast, the TSNP share price has dropped below $1 by nearly 50% in the past year. But this is not the only concern. There are other potential risks associated with investing in OTC stocks, and the investors in TSNP should make sure they consider them carefully.

As with any other stock, there are risks involved in investing in OTC stocks. In TSNP, the company has no obligation to build products. Instead, it can sell shares without any sort of reporting requirements. While the company has a lot of promise, it has already lost investors their money. This has been the case for the past two years. Nonetheless, the company is now a scam. Its stock prices are volatile and could be a sign of a larger failure.

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