I Was Reincarnated As a Baby Fox God Spoiler

During the second book of the Chinese classic “I was Reincarnated as a Baby Fox God Spoiler,” the protagonist, Jiang Ziya, learns that his real powers come from his self-confidence. Although he is a child, he has the strength to withstand the forces of evil that plague his world. In the end, Jiang Ziya regains his powers and saves his world from the threat of evil.


Those familiar with the Chinese epic, I was Reincarnated as a Baby Fox God, will know that one of the characters is Jiu, a fox shaman whose powers are only slightly less impressive than those of a human. However, what are the other characters in this tale?

Interestingly, Jiu reveals a few things that nearly dismantle Jiang Ziya’s faith in the gods. He demonstrates the old adage about the “It’s not what you know, but what you believe.” He even reveals the fox shaman’s most impressive feat.

The fox shaman’s most pronounced feat is the ability to descend to the earth. This is because Dongfang Yuechu is a special individual created by Aolaiguo Sanshao. He is the fiance of Tushan Susu, and has the spirit power of Tushan Honghong. However, the fox shaman has a secret weapon: the Qiannian Yushuizhu.

The Qiannian Yushuizhu has an impressive power to control water. Interestingly, he is also the most powerful sand fox spirit in the history of sand fox spirits. He also has the stammer. He even manages to get Li Xue Yang to marry him.

The other interesting character is a tiny Taoist named Tianjiao. He was infected by the Queen of the black fox spirit, and tells us the fox shaman’s best secret. In addition, he has the largest smile in the history of the world. But the fox shaman also knows a lot about the other characters, including Bai and Su Daji, who is not as smart as he seems.

Lastly, a few characters deserve mention: the 9-tailed fox. Clearly, the name is not a coincidence. It’s also the first time Bai and his friends encounter the evil Taoist.


‘I was Reincarnated as a Baby Fox God’ is the story of a nine-tailed fox, Lee Yeon, who reincarnates into the mortal world. In his new life, Lee Yeon must deal with the consequences of his ‘nine-tailed fox’ incarnation. His goal is to find his long-lost first love, and to fight supernatural criminals.

Lee Yeon reincarnates as a nine-tailed fox, but he does not have magical powers. Instead, he is a man over 1000 years old. He has no memory of his previous life, and has to live with the effects of his previous incarnation. He meets a young boy who resembles Lee Rang. He also bargains with higher powers for the reincarnation of his long-lost love.

Lee Yeon meets a boy who looks like his younger self. He and the boy go to the Fox Club, where Lee Rang used to be. They meet Bai Yuechu and Tushan Susu, and they both help Hu remember his past life. They later meet Hu Weisheng, a friend of Bai Yuechu. They help Hu remember his preexistence.

Yuechu is the fiance of Tushan Susu. He is the fifth reincarnation of Dongfang Yuechu, and he has the same spirit power as Tushan Honghong. He also is obsessed with food and money. He was able to free Dongfang Yuechu by an agreement 500 years ago.

Fan Yunfei is a sand fox spirit. He is the prince of Xixiyu. He is able to control water very well. He married Li Xueyang, who was the ice general in his previous life. He also arranged for Li Xue Yang to marry him. Besides, he has a stammer, and is not afraid of water.

Jiang Ziya’s true powers come from his self-confidence

Traditionally portrayed as a middle-aged man, Jiang Ziya has a mysterious past. He may have been part of the US Military. His name is likely derived from the legendary Chinese general Jiang Ziya. However, his story is more about the ramifications of a personal quest to reconcile moral boundaries.

The film is loosely based on the Ming dynasty shenmo novel Investiture of the Gods. In the story, Jiang is accompanied by shapeshifting Immortal Shen Gongbao. The pair are then sent to kill an evil fox spirit named Nine Tail. In exchange for starting the Great War, the Heavenly Master promised that Nine Tail would be made into a goddess. However, Jiang was too cowardly to accept the offer.

Despite Jiang’s failure to kill Nine Tail, he is banished from Jingxu Hall. He travels the world, where he encounters leveled cities and abandoned towns. He also encounters a group of resentful souls, nameless soldiers who died in battle. He has to decide whether becoming a god is worth the price of one innocent life. He also discovers that the line between good and evil is not as clear as the line between gods and demons.

Jiang Ziya’s quest to save a girl who is cursed with fox-ears leads him to a mountain called Mount Youdu. He arrives there with a girl named Xiao Jiu. They meet the girl’s fox-ear doll, which is symbolic of the heavy price the mortal world has paid for Jiu’s life. The doll’s name is Nine Tail, which symbolizes a tragic fate.

After traveling to the mountain, Jiang discovers that the girl’s name is actually Nine-Tailed. He also discovers that the Heavenly Master’s promise to make Nine-Tailed a goddess was an illusion. Jiang discovers that his true powers come from his own self-confidence.

Shen Gongbao

During the prologue, Nine-Tailed wears a long black-and-red robe, a headband, and a mask. Her eyes glow with red blood-red irises, and her claw-like fingers and tail are claw-like. She is a nine-tailed fox-monster. Her physical body has been transformed through sheer power.

Nine-Tailed is a vengeful Fox Devil. She wants to free the vengeful spirits of Fox Devils, but she is also willing to condemn the entire race of gods for her crimes.

Shen Gongbao is a taoist supernatural martial artist. He can transform into a tiger-like beast, and he often runs on all fours. He can also charge fists with magic. He is prone to growling when angry. He also has a tiger-like tail and claw-like fingernails.

In the prologue, Jiang Ziya has been summoned by Heavenly Master to kill Nine-Tailed. In return, Heavenly Master promised Jiang he would make Nine-Tailed a goddess. Jiang Ziya was set to become the supreme ruler of Jingxu Hall. But then the Heavenly Master reneged on his promise. He linked Nine-Tailed to Daji. Ao Guang, the Evil Corporate Silver Fox CEO, was also prepared to kill Ao Bing, so Jiang Ziya decided to kill Nine-Tailed instead.

Jiang Ziya is horrified when Nine-Tailed is still alive. Nine-Tailed rages against the gods of Jingxu Hall. She destroys the Heavenly Staircase, and she unleashes Fox-Devils from the Ruins of Return. She wants to regain her full powers and revenge the Heavenly Master.

Shen Gongbao later reveals that Heavenly Master is actually a cog in the Celestial Bureaucracy. He also warns Jiang that he should not lose his powers. Jiang eventually defeats Nine-Tailed and banishes him to Beihai. He then destroys the followers of the Heavenly Master.

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