Ian Miles Cheong

Ian Miles Cheong, a YouTube personality, has made headlines for his controversial statements. The controversial game developer and male gamer was the subject of Gamergate, an online harassment campaign that took place in 2014. While initially describing himself as a “turbo-feminist”, he has since shifted to far-right politics. His political views have prompted questions from Twitter users. One asked him where he lives, and he claimed to be in Malaysia.

He falsely identified a suspect in the shooting of two police officers

The Twitter account of Malaysian-born Ian Miles Cheong, who falsely identified a suspect in the shootings of two police officers in Los Angeles on Saturday, has more than 300,000 followers. Though he is not living in the United States, Cheong is a prominent pro-Trump conservative. In the past, he has written articles for the Rebel Penthouse Human Events and The Post Millennial.

Cheong denied that he had any involvement in the shooting. The erroneous information he shared on Twitter has been the subject of a lawsuit filed by Hicks and two others. While he has admitted to being a false accuser, he denies culpability. The lawsuit alleges that Cheong posted his information on social media without any legal or other background checks.

The Twitter account of Ian Miles Cheong also makes frequent tweets about US politics and current events. However, his latest tweet falsely identifies Darnell Hicks as the “number one suspect” in the shooting of two police officers. The LA County Sheriff’s Department has disavowed Cheong’s claim, and the investigation of the shooting continues.

The incident prompted an outcry on social media. While Elon Musk is a visionary and a disruptor, he also tweets about US current affairs. For instance, the Malaysian man falsely identified a suspect in the shooting of two police officers on Saturday and Sunday. He tweeted a photo of the suspect with a description, but later deleted it. He now has 17 followers.

The shooting took place in Compton, California. Helen Richardson, a newspaper photographer, was at the scene and watched the incident through a viewfinder. Richardson had no way of knowing that Darnell was armed, since he was not wearing a uniform or visible identification. Further, he was a journalist’s bodyguard.

He defends female game developers

Known for his role in Gamergate, a controversy involving male gamers and female game developers, Ian Miles Cheong has been at the forefront of defending female game developers. While initially labeling himself as a “turbo-feminist”, he later gravitated toward far-right politics. Nonetheless, he maintains a consistent presence in the gaming industry, and he also has a YouTube channel where he discusses the gaming industry.

Cheong has come under fire for his stance, and he defended female game developers during the Gamergate controversy. Nevertheless, he later switched sides and went after the growing far-right community. Nowadays, he runs his own channel on YouTube, “Hype Break,” where he amplifies his views on the gaming industry.

While Ian Miles Cheong, the creator of Hyper Break, is an entrepreneur, he does not live in the United States. Nevertheless, he has garnered a lot of attention as a pro-Trump conservative on social media. His Twitter handle is full of comments telling him to stop talking about U.S. politics. While it is unclear where Cheong is located, he is a prominent figure in right-wing circles.

He runs a YouTube channel

If you’ve been following the world of gaming, you’ve likely noticed the name Ian Miles Cheong. The renowned video game reviewer and YouTuber runs the popular Hype Break channel. His videos often discuss controversial topics affecting the gaming industry. However, you may not be familiar with his personal life or his background. His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

In 2014, Ian Miles Cheong made headlines when he discussed Gamergate, the controversy between male video game developers and female game players. This scandal resulted in a harassment campaign, and Cheong, who had previously described himself as a “turbo-feminist,” defended female game developers. However, he soon shifted to far-right politics, which resulted in criticism from many quarters.

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