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lnmiit is a renowned institution that offers courses and career guidance. If you are looking for a place to study online, lnmiit is a good option. You can easily sign up for the courses and start learning.

Courses offered by lnmiit

Located in Jaipur, LNMIIT offers courses in Computer Science and Engineering, Communication and Computer Engineering, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Physics, and Physical Science. Its vision is to become an Institution of higher learning in various fields of contemporary relevance. It was established by the Lakshmi and Usha Mittal Foundation in 2002. The campus has been designed to be interdisciplinary. Its objective is to train the students in the fields of computing, communication, and other contemporary fields.

The Training and Placement Cell of the institute is directly under the supervision of the Director. This cell handles all aspects of placements at LNMIIT. It includes coordinating with the students, companies, and recruiters. It is also responsible for enhancing the visibility of the institute by branding it to the industry. The Training and Placement Officer coordinates all these activities. He also matches the expectations of the recruiter with the aspirations of the students. He is guided by Faculty Advisors.

Career guidance offered by lnmiit

Having a career is one of the most important aspects of life. Fortunately, LNMIIT offers career guidance to ensure students and graduates are prepared for the competitive world of work. This is done through the Training and Placement Cell, which is a student-run organization and is directly under the supervision of the Director. It handles all aspects of placements at LNMIIT. Its role is to match the expectations of recruiters with students’ aspirations. The cell is headed by a Training and Placement Officer who is aided by a Faculty Advisor. This cell coordinates all aspects of placements with students, recruiters, and companies.

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