Motivational Speaker and Social Media Influencer Chad Ehlers

If you are a nurse or have a passion for health and wellness, then you probably have heard about Chad Ehrlers. He is an inspirational social media influencer who uses his voice to connect with millions of people worldwide. His career has taken him on a journey from nursing to working as a journalist and humanitarian. Here, he shares his experiences and advice.

Nursing career

When Chad Ehlers was a teenager, he was a happy young lad. He was involved in sports, played percussion beats and was a top scholar.

In the 6th grade, he was accepted into an elite college scholar program. Later, he went to Southern Adventist University and received his Bachelors and Masters degree in Athletic Science and Kinesiology. He was also recognized as a Top Scholar Genius.

After finishing his studies, he worked as a nurse for a few years. However, he found himself at a point where he was not fulfilled. He felt that he wanted to make a greater impact on people’s lives. So, he turned to public speaking and began his journey as a motivational speaker.

Soon after, Chad started using social media platforms to spread awareness. His goal was to raise money for hospitalized children. To this end, he created the Chad Change movement. Since then, this movement has reached countless numbers of people all over the world. And he has created a safe place where people can share their struggles with others.

Eventually, he stumbled upon a story that had a profound impact on him. It involved his daughter, Mia. She was suffering from leukemia at the time. The story is what inspired him to use his platform to help others and make a difference.

Since then, he has raised money for Erlanger Children’s Hospital. He has also been featured in numerous publications and tv interviews. Despite his success, he still lived on the poverty line. This is when he decided to leave his nursing career to focus on motivating and inspiring other people.

Today, he is a social media influencer and motivational speaker. He is known by the online alias da_chad. But before he became a social media star, he was a homeless 17-year-old.

Today, he is a single father of two children. One of his daughters, Mia, is currently fighting leukemia. All his efforts have helped to save the life of another young child.

He is a motivational speaker and an inspirational author. He is a part of the board of directors for the Chad Change Foundation.

Social media influencer

Chad Ehlers is a social media influencer who has a unique way of motivating people to reach their full potential. He combines the power of exercise with positive inspiration. He explains that this is a great way to combat stress and promote positive mental health.

The movement he launched, known as the ChadChange, has helped hundreds of people. It uses music and dancing to spread hope and positive energy. In addition, it raises funds for children’s hospitals. His efforts have been instrumental in raising awareness and support for children with cancer.

Initially, Chad was a nurse, but he decided to focus on public speaking instead. He started an online community called ChadChange to spread his message. This has since grown to over 400 members worldwide.

The community was initially started by a group of friends supporting each other. They would meet up on TikTok. As the videos began to spread, they became more popular. Eventually, Ehlers was recognized as a master creator on the platform.

When Chad’s wife died of depression, he decided to start a campaign to help others. By using social media, he started to raise awareness about childhood cancer. Since then, his mission has expanded to helping other families.

Ehlers has also started a nonprofit called the Chad Change Foundation. The foundation works to raise money for local children’s hospitals. Aside from raising money, the organization also offers free zoom sessions. During these sessions, Ehlers encourages people to de-stress and build confidence.

He has also been featured in several media outlets. He has over 800k followers on TikTok and has over 15 million likes. He has also been booked to appear on the America’s Got Talent show.

Having the best smile in the world is only part of what makes Chad Ehlers a cult icon. He’s a natural entertainer and his leadership skills are impressive. Whether it’s through his music, dance, or philanthropy, Ehlers continues to grow and inspire.

He is also the father of a daughter who has been diagnosed with leukemia. Mia has undergone numerous treatments, and is expected to finish her treatment by September 2022.


Chad Ehlers is a motivational speaker and social media influencer who has a positive impact on the world. He uses his story to help others in their time of need. His daughter, Mia, is battling leukemia. In 2022, Mia will be finished with her treatment. Chad’s charitable work has inspired many people, and he has a strong network of influencers behind him.

Chad Ehlers was born on November 11, 1983, in New Orleans, Louisiana. At age 17, he moved to Alabama to finish high school. He became a nurse, and had a young daughter. Later on, he lost his wife to depression and suicide. This is when he decided to use his social media platform to spread awareness for children suffering from cancer.

As an influencer, he has more than 800k followers on TikTok. Although he has a great deal of success, he has not forgotten his roots. He is still very much involved in sports and dancing, and enjoys listening to music.

One of his most important endeavors was creating a support group for different causes. While he worked on this, he also used his platform to raise funds for hospitalized children.

He has also created an organization called Chad Change, Inc. which is a nonprofit. Through his organization, he has donated over $8,000 to various charities.

Besides his humanitarian work, Chad also has a YouTube channel, and a website. He has over 350 social media personalities on his team, and he has helped hundreds of people. Many of these individuals have credited him with saving their lives.

He has helped several entrepreneurs grow. He has also received an outpouring of support, and has received many thank you letters from people around the world. Despite his hectic schedule, he has not forgotten his commitment to helping others.

Chad Change has grown into a powerful movement that helps people in need. It is an example of a company that gives back, and the only company that does so without expecting anything in return. With over 300 groups on its website, and a huge number of influencers supporting him, Chad Change has a bright future.

Golden Glove

One of the leading TikTokers in the world today, Chad Ehlers, has a large following of over 800k followers on TikTok. In addition to his popularity on the site, he is also a motivational speaker, author, and social media influencer. He has even created his own movement promoting positivity through dance and music. A recipient of the Top scholar Genius award, he also has a Master’s degree in Athletic Science and Kinesiology, an Associate’s degree in Nursing, and a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Among his achievements, he has been featured in numerous media outlets and has been named a Golden Glove.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Chad Ehlers moved to Alabama when he was 17 to finish high school. After completing his education, he became a traveling nurse. But, after 10 years, he decided to change his career. Instead of going into medicine, he turned his attention to becoming a social media influencer. His social media channels have since grown to include several mental health professionals, doctors, and a variety of charities.

Chad Ehlers is the founder of the ChadChange Positivity Movement. Through this movement, he has donated to many different charities. Along with his work as a TikToker, he also hosts dance Zoom sessions online.

In addition to being a motivational speaker and content creator, Chad Ehlers also promotes a healthy lifestyle. With his work as a TikToker, Ehlers donates to charities and shares his life stories on social media. Since his start on TikTok, he has received a huge outpouring of support. Eventually, he started his own nonprofit organization to help others with their own health issues. These days, he is raising funds for local children’s hospitals.

Besides his work as a TikToker, Chad Ehlers has been a vocal advocate for cancer awareness in young children. This initiative began with his daughter’s battle with leukemia. During this difficult time, Ehlers has been open about the situation and has had a great outpouring of love and support on his social media pages. Hopefully, his story will inspire more people to fight cancer.

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