Pro Detailing Supplies – Everything You Need to Detail Your Car

Whether you’re looking to start your own auto detailing business or you’re just an enthusiast, there are plenty of pro detailing supplies you’ll want to have on hand. From foam guns to hot water extractors, there’s a lot to consider.

The right products make all the difference when it comes to getting a perfect finish on a customer’s car.


The exterior of your car is one of the most important parts of your detailing process. It’s where you can make a big difference and set yourself apart from the competition. To do that, you need the right professional auto detailing supplies to get your clients’ vehicle looking shiny, new and clean.

The first step is to thoroughly clean the exterior with a quality wash mitt or microfiber cloth along with low pH car shampoo. This is crucial to removing surface dirt, grime and pollen without scratching the paint.

Next, use a clay bar to remove any surface particles that are stuck in the paint. This will help the paint shine like it did when you first bought it.

It’s also important to use a paint cleaner that will easily remove baked-on bug splatter and tar stains without eating into the paint or scratching it. Luckily, you can find a variety of great products to fit any budget and cleaning needs, including bug and tar removers, paint strippers, and more!

In addition, if you have plastic trim that has faded to a dull matte finish, you’ll need to apply a plastic restore spray. Torque Detail’s Plastic Restore is a fast and easy way to re-create deep, glossy plastic trim and other plastic components.

You’ll also want to apply a wax, sealant or glaze for the surface. This protects your work and adds a nice shine that will impress your customers.

While you’re at it, make sure your detailing equipment is organized and ready for use. A good car detailing cart with a few organizers is essential, so you can keep track of your products and solutions.

Another item you’ll want to have is a light to evaluate your work in low light. This will help you avoid mistakes that could ruin the appearance of your customer’s vehicle.

Lastly, be sure to invest in a quality pressure washer to remove stubborn stains and grime. It’s the best tool for tackling dirt on wheels and other surfaces. You can also find a spray gun that will blast away dirt from awkward places, such as seat runners and air vents.


The interior of your vehicle is as important as the exterior, which is why it’s worth spending the time to get your car detailed professionally. Not only will it make your commute a little more pleasant, but it also helps maintain the resale value of your ride.

A car detailing kit containing the right tools and equipment is essential for professional success. A vacuum cleaner is a must for those of you who want to make the most of your detailing time and is ideal if you are running a mobile service, as it can be used for all surfaces and in all weather conditions.

For a more complete clean, consider getting yourself an auto detailing air gun, which blows dirt and dust from hard to reach areas with ease. This is one of the most useful pieces of auto detailing equipment and it will pay dividends in the long run, as you can then use your more specialized tools to their fullest.

Other must have car detailing tools include a LED light, which is perfect for checking out those dashboard markers and highlighting the impressive feats you’ve performed in your detail job. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about rewiring a cord to the power outlet, as these clever devices plug directly into your car cigarette lighter. This surprisingly useful piece of equipment will become your go-to for quick, easy and impressive car detailing.

Wheels & Tires

When it comes to a well-detailed vehicle, wheels are the last thing you want to take for granted. Clean and polished ones add a touch of class to any vehicle and are a great place to start when it comes to detailing your rig. At Pro Detailing Supplies, we offer a variety of wheel and tire detailing products that are sure to impress. From the best wheel cleaner to the hottest wheel polisher on the market, we have you covered. And we have the tools and equipment to make your job a breeze. With a wide selection of products and the latest in wheel & tire detailing technology, your car will be ready to go in no time! Whether you’re an enthusiast or a professional detailer, we have the right tools and equipment for your next job.

Tools & Equipment

If you’re looking to start your own professional detailing business, you need the right tools and equipment to make it a success. The right equipment can save you a ton of time and money, which can lead to higher profits in the long run.

Having the proper car detailing supplies will allow you to provide your clients with all the services they expect. This includes everything from vacuum cleaners to high-end paint correction products, window glass treatments, tire care, leather and plastic protection, and more.

The right equipment can also make your job easier by saving you a ton of time and effort. For example, a portable vacuum/blower will help you get rid of all the grit and grime in your client’s vehicle before you wash it. A rotary buffer or dual-action random orbital polisher will help you polish the paintwork of your client’s vehicle to an amazing shine with much less elbow grease.

Other tools and equipment you should have on hand include a bucket dolly, hoses and reels, sprayer bottles, and miscellaneous items like plastic restore, paint brushes, polishing pads, and more. You’ll also want a good selection of paint pens and polishes to get your customers’ vehicles looking like new. Lastly, you’ll need a mobile detailing cart to store all of your tools and materials. This will save you a ton of space and help you stay organized as you work.

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