The Best Spongebob Sponge Holders

Sponge holders help to keep your countertops clean and free from clutter. They are usually plastic or stainless steel frames that are designed to hold your sponge in place.

If you want to add a bit of whimsy to your kitchen, this funny sponge holder is an excellent choice! It’s 3D-printed and keeps your sponge upright so it dries more efficiently.

Mr. Sponge

Spongebob is a sponge who lives in the sea. He has many friends and family members, including a grey sperm whale with red lipstick and a yellow ponytail named Pearl. He also has a friend named Sandy Cheeks, who is a thrill-seeking squirrel from Texas.

He’s a light hearted book and the characterisation is excellent. The satire on English country life is excellent and the book is very funny at times. The description of the foxhunting is first class too and I particularly liked the fact that the author is very interested in the social life of the era, rather than just the hunt itself.

Mr Sponge has a lot of character and is able to come up with some great one liners, for instance: ‘Women never look so well as when they are coming out of hunting’. He also has a lot of enemies and friends.

This sponge holder is a perfect way to keep your kitchen sponge clean and dry. It’s easy to install and can be attached to the tiles in your kitchen or even inside the sink.

Its a fun and original way to store your sponge and adds a humorous touch to your kitchen. Easily attaches to the tiles or inside your sink with the included suction cup and it comes with a green sponge ready to be used!

You can purchase this sponge holder from Zippia. It’s a great gift idea for any Spongebob fan and is also eco-friendly.

Soap Pump & Sponge Holder

The Soap Pump & Sponge Holder is a great way to save space and keep your sink organized. It features a soap bottle that’s attached to a bar that can hold a sponge, and the entire piece has a dimpled texture that looks great on your countertop.

It also comes with a water draining feature that keeps the sponge from getting dirty. When it gets wet, the sponge holder holds it at a sloping angle that allows excess water to drain out of it and into your sink.

Having this feature makes it easy to keep your kitchen clean and germ-free. It also prevents the sponge from soaking in dirty water and becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

You can dispense the exact amount of liquid soap onto the sponge using the nozzle on the dispenser, making it very convenient. It also has a large capacity so you don’t need to refill it often.

The Soap Dispenser & Sponge Holder is a fun addition to your kitchen and can make a great gift for housewarmings, Christmas, birthdays or just because! Its sleek design is perfect for any decorative style.

Its slim design fits in narrow spaces around your sink, saving you space. It also has a drip tray underneath that catches excess water. This helps the sponge dry quickly and efficiently. It also works with most liquid soaps, so it’s a great option for anyone who uses a lot of dishwashing detergent.


The DripStick is the first post-sex sponge holder that’s designed to absorb excess fluid. It’s a medical-grade sponge that’s meant to be inserted into the vagina after sex and then twirled around in order to remove any excess liquid from the inside of your body.

It comes in a variety of pack sizes, and it’s easy to insert into your vagina and remove, too. Just swirl the handle for a few seconds and then carefully pull it out. The individual packaging makes it discreet to throw in the trash after use, and it’s made from plastic that can be recycled.

Frances Tang, founder of Awkward Essentials, says she got the idea for Dripstick after she realized that her hacked-together solution of toilet paper, crusty old T-shirts and towels didn’t help with her post-sex clean-up issue. She wanted a way to deal with her “run/walk/waddle mad dash” to the bathroom, gushing and leaking cum that often led to ruined underwear and bed sheets.

She decided to create the product to be a tool to help normalize after-sex cleanup, and she hasn’t looked back. Her company is based in New York and has garnered attention from investors, media, and even been named a Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas finalist in 2020.

Dripstick is a reusable, medical-grade sponge that’s meant to be inserted into the vaginal canal after sex and twirled around in order to remove excess liquid from the inside of your body. It’s made from plastic that can be recycled, and it’s available in a variety of pack sizes.

Shower Sponge Microphone

The shower is the perfect place to sing your heart out, and what better way to do it than with a shower sponge holder that doubles as a mic. Not only does it provide the aforementioned acoustic signal, but the mic is also waterproof (yay) and comes with a handy clip to keep it securely in place.

Aside from the aforementioned mic, it also boasts a foam head designed to clean your body (no pun intended) as well as a handle that you can hang onto for easy storage. What’s more, it’s actually a fun toy that’ll keep you entertained for hours, making it one of the best gifts to get your inner diva ready for some good ol’ fashioned pampering.

The shower sponge holder ain’t no small feat of engineering, and it will be the talk of the town for years to come. The aforementioned gizmo may be a little on the pricey side, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your BFF or significant other a few grins by gifting them this bathroom wizard of a timer!

Wolverine Claws Steak Knife Holder

If you’re looking for a cool way to display your knives, you might want to check out this Wolverine Claws Steak Knife Holder. It’s made of stainless steel and looks like a bunch of conjoined steak knives. It even has a slick design that makes it easy to grip and pull out your knives without hurting yourself or anyone else.

Wolverine, if you don’t know the name already, is one of Marvel Comics’ most popular characters. He’s been in a lot of stuff, from comics to cartoons to movies. He has a few special powers, but his most impressive feat is likely the adamantium claws.

The claws are actually made of adamantium, which is quite a bit stronger than silver or gold. They are also more durable and are likely to last longer than your average steak knife.

They look really cool, too! The claws are about 3 inches long and have a sleek design that’s sure to impress any Wolverine fan.

It might be a bit heavy, but it’s an impressive piece of kit that’s also pretty cheap to buy. The best part is that it’s completely washable and reusable, which makes it an ideal gift for the superhero lover in your life.

There are a few other cool and useful products in this category, but this is our pick for the most impressive and awe-inspiring. It might be too big for your kitchen counter, but it’s sure to win you some serious kudos!

Washable Sponge

There are a few different alternatives to standard kitchen sponges. These include Swedish dishcloths, bamboo sponges and natural dish brushes. They can help to make your cleaning more eco-friendly and save you money on disposable sponges in the long run.

However, if you don’t have a dishwasher or are looking to avoid the risk of bacteria growth on a regular basis, these alternative sponges may not be ideal for you. They can hold more bacteria than a regular sponge and they also require a lot of energy to dry once you’re done with them, which can cause your dishwasher to run longer than it should.

The Washable Sponge is a great alternative to traditional sponges and they’re made from organic cotton and hemp fibre, which means that they’re much more environmentally friendly than standard sponges. They’re reusable and can be composted at the end of their life, which is a great way to reduce the amount of waste your household produces.

They can be used as a replacement for standard sponges and they’ll last for a while before they need to be replaced, which is great news for the environment!

It’s easy to use these sponges – simply soak them in hot water, remove them and squeeze the excess water out before placing them in your washing machine. You can also use them as a scouring pad or to wipe down surfaces like windows and kitchen counters.

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