The World’s Strongest Troll

Throughout the many years of the game, there have been a few trolls that have snatched the title of worlds strongest. These include: Usurna, Draal, NotEnrique, Kanjigar, and Vendel. These trolls have a range of abilities and strengths, but they’re all very powerful. worlds strongest troll


Among the most powerful trolls in the world is Kanjigar, the Trollhunter chosen by the Amulet of Merlin. Kanjigar is also the father of Draal, the Deadly. He is one of the earliest characters to be seen on the good side, though he has only made two minor appearances.

Kanjigar is a large horned navy blue troll, whose full height is unknown. He is a traditionalist and always wears heavy armor. He is also very susceptible to sunlight. He also possesses the Sword of Daylight and the Trollhunter Armor. Kanjigar is the only Trollhunter whose moniker does not start with the same letter as his name.

Kanjigar is an incredibly powerful warrior and has a renowned sword fighting ability. He was chosen by the Amulet to be a Trollhunter, and he vowed to protect both worlds. During his life, he met the king and queen of Akiridion-5 hundreds of years ago. He also was entrusted with the safekeeping of Gaylen’s Core, which could destroy the entire universe if in the wrong hands.

Kanjigar is very displeased with Jim’s preference to have his friends fight by his side. He also chides Jim for letting his sense of honor become a liability. He warns Jim that one day he must face the challenge of finishing the fight on his own.

Kanjigar was also given the duty of keeping the amulet away from Darklands. He sacrifices his life to do so.


Throughout the show, Team Jim has a number of supporting characters that shine. One such character is NotEnrique. As the world’s strongest troll, NotEnrique is able to complete covert missions for Team Jim while displaying some of the best disguised bravado.

NotEnrique’s abilities are a little more limited than his counterparts. For instance, he has no super powers, but his Changeling powers have been known to wreak havoc on other trolls. He does have one minor downside, though. He has a tendency to wander off and become a nuisance. He may be a troll, but his pranks are a lot funnier than those of his rivals.

NotEnrique may be the world’s strongest troll, but his contributions to Team Jim have been far more beneficial than his bravado. In fact, NotEnrique is the best Trollhunter we’ve ever had on our team.

NotEnrique’s abilities are most impressive when it comes to the trollhunter’s secret weapon. For example, he is able to transform into the real-life version of Enrique Nunez. He is also one of the best defenders we’ve ever seen, and his disguises are far superior to those of his rivals. One of his more infamous pranks involves taking a hammer to a human’s head.

The Sword of Daylight is a solid metallic “daylight” that can only be wielded by a trollhunter. It’s also one of the most powerful weapons in the world.


Unlike most other trolls, Usurna is a Krubera. She has magenta eyes and purple patterns on her body. She wears a tribal crown and a feathered collar. She also has a blue staff.

Usurna is a very strong troll. She is also a very powerful speaker and manipulator. She is a true power-hungry and a ruthless tyrant. She has ambition to become the world’s most powerful troll.

Usurna was initially a benevolent ruler. She was a former member of the Troll Tribunal, a council of troll leaders. She was an advisor to Gunmar, who was also a member of the Troll Tribunal. However, Usurna was not an honest leader. She lied to the Troll Tribunal about her allegiance to Gunmar. In fact, Usurna secretly allied with Gunmar.

Usurna was one of the most powerful Kruberas in Deep Caverns. She also carried a staff similar to Vendel’s. Her staff was colored blue, and had purple crystals. She also carried a knife that had a poison known as Creeper’s Sun on the blade.

Usurna had ambition to become a leader of the troll order. She was also a xenophobic. She was very jealous of the Trollhunters’ friendship with Jim. She also made excuses for her crimes. For instance, she declared Jim guilty of killing Vendel, even though she had no proof.

Usurna was also a ruthless ruler. She was able to use her power to force Trollhunters to leave Trollmarket. Usurna was also able to make Gunmar’s soldiers turn on each other. She also managed to convince Strickler to activate the Staff of Avalon.


During the first season, Draal is Jim’s biggest enemy. However, Draal becomes his most loyal ally. As a Trollhunter, Jim’s job is to protect the trolls. But when Jim meets Blinky Galadrigal, he learns that he can’t just be a Trollhunter. He must also fight to protect the ones he loves.

Blinky Galadrigal is a stage singer who is making a homecoming to the Festival of the Sun. However, he isn’t expecting to be kidnapped by the FBI. He reveals that he wanted to bring back the love of his life. He’s also learned that the Void is chaotic. But Blinky’s biggest lesson is that he’s power hungry. He wants to use his powers to help people.

Blinky has four arms and can do things that other trolls don’t. He also learns that the Void is chaotic and that he’s a power hungry troll. Blinky also learned that he’s more powerful than most humans.

The Trollhunter armor doesn’t have a helmet. However, it does protect Jim from head injuries. However, Jim can’t remove the armor. In season two, Jim’s Trollhunter armor is used to protect him from head injuries.

Jim’s Trollhunter armor is also used to protect him from being attacked by a Stalkling. A Stalkling is a troll that is immune to sunlight. But if you want to protect yourself from sunlight, you’ll need to wear a Hard Light or a Sword of Daylight.


Known as Aaarrrrgghh!!!, Aarghaumont is the world’s strongest troll. He was once a Gumm-Gumm, but was forced to become a Gunmar when the Gumm-Gumms were defeated. He later became a pacifist, one of the kindest heroes in the universe. He is a close companion of Blinky.

Aarghaumont’s main mission is to protect Toby from Angor Rot’s deadly Creeper Sun knife. When Aarghaumont is injured, Aaarrrgghh sacrifices himself to protect Toby. After he is resurrected, he briefly goes into blind fury.

In Trollhunters, Aarghaumont is played by Fred Tatasciore. He is also a Changeling. His history teacher is Waltolomew Stricklander. In addition to being a Changeling, Stricklander is affable towards Jim. He is also a great teacher.

The Amulet of Daylight is an ancient artifact that is meant to imbue power into those who can protect the Troll-kind. It also provides the Trollhunter with a sword that is made from condensed daylight. The Trollhunter is also equipped with a shield and boomerang daggers.

The Sword of Daylight is a magic weapon that is especially effective against trolls. It is also composed of solid metallic “daylight”. In season two, the Sword of Daylight appears to be used to protect Jim from head injuries.

The troll queen of Krubera is a formidable opponent. She initially appears to be a good queen, but her true motives are revealed. Her most impressive trick is in making a massive shadow portal. She nearly dies while doing this.


Among trolls, Vendel is the world’s strongest troll. His magical prowess extends from potioneering to dark enchantments. He is also the elder of the Heartstone Trollmarket, and a diplomat.

Vendel has a softer side. He allows humans to present their arguments to him. But he also tells them not to mention Draal. He believes that Troll magic can create an accidental apocalypse. He also warns them not to mention Stricklander and Nomura.

Jim is worried about in-fighting within the Janus Order. He tries to encourage Claire and Enrique to work together. He explains that their birth families would not want them back. He also warns them not to give information to Gunmar’s forces. But his sarcasm turns off Claire.

NotEnrique is a comic relief character. He travels in and out of Fetches, and helps Team Jim in covert missions. He also has Changeling powers. He causes more problems than Angor Rot.

Blinky is a troll who is very intelligent. He has four arms and could do things that only a few other trolls can. But he does not have a moral compass. He is also stronger than any human. But he is also different from Dictatious.

Dictatious is a very smart and slick troll. He has average physical prowess. He manipulates Gunmar. He does not know ethics. He is not afraid of sunlight. He does not hide his bitterness about Heartstone.

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