What are the Most Popular Foods in New Zealand ?

New Zealand is home to fine wines and tasty foods. They are in varieties and very unique. If you are visiting this amazing country for the first time, there are some popular foods you would want to try. Read to learn about the best time to visit New Zealand and enjoy their local cuisines. If you taste local New Zealand cuisine, you would want more.

6 Great Foods to Try in New Zealand

Usually, even country have their best foods and New Zealand is no different. Locals have made these cuisines a part of their daily meals because they taste nice. 

  • Chocolate, lollies, and sweet treats

If you ask a New Zealander what their beloved chocolate is, the response will probably be, chocolate from Whittaker. Independently wrapped, the Cookie Time Cookie also has a range of variously estimated bread rolls with flavors like triple gingernut, chocolate, and macadamia, as well as white chocolate. Also, when it comes to the lollies (desserts or candy) in New Zealand,  Jaffa’s and Pineapple Lumps are some of the most popular

  • Chips and fish 

You will enjoy having a bite of fish and chips when you chill sitting by the ocean side, especially on a soothing summer evening. It consists of fresh fish, covered in a firm batter and some deep-fries. Mix this with some hot chips and you are good to go. 

Fish and chips are always available in any town in New Zealand. The meal is generally combined with fresh white bread and pureed tomatoes. Also, you will always find fried fish and French fries on most café menus generally served with seasoned salad.

  • Feijoas 

This is a well-known fruit in New Zealand. It’s always available in abundance in most gardens. Feijoas is a natural link to the Kiwi palate; some tourists do see it as an acquired taste. It’s a favorite of this country. What’s more? You can mix it with several things, including cocktails and smoothies.

If you need a sack of feijoas, you will get it in less than an hour from the locals. They are also readily available in the local supermarkets.

  • Kina

The New Zealanders cherish their seafood. Here is another foodie from the sea. Kina is the neighborhood name for a sort of ocean imp with a hard spiky external shell. Its internal part is edible. This seafood has been a New Zealand delicacy for a long time.

  • Pavlova

Any Australian will swear that Oz created the pavlova. Also, ask a Kiwi and he/she will unexpectedly tell you. In any case, pavlova is a much-adored pastry in New Zealand. It’s made with fresh fruit, meringue, and whipped cream. The dessert can be found on the odd pastry menu in New Zealand, Kiwis customarily consumed this refreshing treat for Christmas.  

  • Whitebait fritters

If you visit the West Coast of the South Island, you don’t want to miss having the whitebait fritters. Whitebait is an aggregate term for juvenile fish – which is often about one to two inches in length.  

Along the river mouths of this coast are heaps of keen “white baiters” setting up temporary jetties and shacks, especially between August and November. These catches are often used for making whitebait fritters. The best way to describe them is like the fishy omelet.  


Have a bite of any of these New Zealand foods anytime you are on a tour of the nation. Finally, when next you visit try out 10 of New Zealand’s best food and wine regions.

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