What You Should Know About Trans Global Grp In (TGGI)

If you are thinking about investing in shares of Trans Global Grp In (TGGI), you may want to keep in mind the company’s share price and its future outlook. TGGI is a reverse merger (RM) stock, so its current stock price has a negative outlook.

Trans Global Grp In stock price

Trans Global Group Inc (OTCMKTS: TGGI) is a stock listed on the PINK stock exchange. Its primary purpose is to complete the merger of a private entity with the company. The company also provides services to companies for the processing of public offering documents and corporate actions. In addition, the company plans to enter the cannabis market.

TGGI has a lot of followers. CEO Chen Ren and president Tang Jiacheng have been publicly speaking about the company’s intention to expand to the national market. However, the stock is in a bearish cycle for the last 12 months. Some investors see this as a sign of oversold shares. If you’re a new investor, you should read about the best investment strategies.

According to MarketBeat, a website that tracks publicly traded companies, TGGI has a market capitalization of only $600 million. That’s a small percentage of the overall market cap of the PINK exchange. Despite its modest size, the company has been able to generate a lot of hype with the introduction of its reverse merger play. Aside from its impressive growth track record, it has a great potential for investors.

On August 3, 2022, TGGI entered into a share exchange agreement with ZXG Holdings Ltd. TGGI acquired 100% of the outstanding equity interests of ZXG. ZXG holds a popular Chinese liquor brand. In addition, it is the owner of a liquor distribution and sales network. TGGI plans to invest in the industry, and will likely acquire companies to help it reach its objectives.

As for the stock price, it has fallen by more than 20% since its high in late September. However, it has gained volume in the past couple days. In some cases, this may be a positive sign. Nevertheless, the stock is still in a bearish trend, and its low stock price means that a big sell-off is inevitable. Hence, you should not buy a large chunk of TGGI stock until the price has recovered. Investing in the company is a gamble. TGGI will have to overcome resistance from lines at $0.0012 and $0.0017 before its shares will start to rally.

While this company is a shell company in China, its executive team has been making waves in the market with its reverse merger play. They plan to take advantage of the recent legalization of marijuana in order to launch a major player in the marijuana industry. By combining its resources with a powerful partner, TGGI expects to become the undisputed leader of the industry.

TGGI is a reverse merger (RM) stock

If you’re into penny stocks, then you’ve probably heard of Trans Global Group Inc (OTCMKTS: TGGI). It’s an SEC filer with over 500,000 investors and a massive following. The company has recently made big moves in penny land and has gained a reputation for being a Reverse Merger (RM) stock. These types of stocks are explosive and are among the most exciting stocks in the small cap arena.

TGGI is a shell company that is owned by a Chinese entrepreneur named Chen Ren. He is also the controlling shareholder of the company. His goal is to establish a company that will become a national or global enterprise. To accomplish this, the company plans to acquire liquor companies in China and conduct business in the country through subsidiaries in the PRC.

TGGI has the potential to be one of the most successful reverse merger stocks in the small cap space. However, the company does have some challenges. One is that its management does not have the necessary experience to run a public company. In addition, it is a shell company, meaning that it does not have any true revenues. Nevertheless, it continues to make steady moves in the penny world. Currently, it is a top volume stock in the small caps, trading between $2 and $10 million per day. Hopefully, the market will begin to recognize its potential.

During the course of its existence, TGGI has amassed a huge following of investors and has already topped the $300,000 dollar mark in daily trading volume. As long as TGGI keeps up its momentum, it should see its shares jump higher and reach the $0.0298 level. This would triple its current market cap in a matter of hours. Although, there is still room to grow.

According to reports, Trans Global Group is in talks with a private company called Zuixiangui International Holdings Group to reverse merge the two into a shell. Once a reverse merger is completed, the public company will operate as a subsidiary of the newly formed public company. Having this type of structure saves management time and allows them to conduct business on a more global scale.

Unlike an IPO, a reverse merger is simpler and faster. Moreover, the shell company does not have to undergo the grueling process of getting listed on the stock exchange. Consequently, financial institutions are a lot more likely to invest in a shell company. Furthermore, a reverse merger makes registration with the SEC easier. Ultimately, the reverse merger process can be completed in a month or so.

With a strong investor base and a clear vision, TGGI is poised to succeed. Investors should keep an eye on the upcoming 10- to 12-G filing of TGGI. Depending on the filing’s success, the company could potentially be listed on the OTCQB.

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