Cornell Workday – Job Descriptions, Implementing Two-Step Login, and HR Services

Whether you’re applying for a job in hydrology or hydrologic modeling, or you’re looking to help with payroll production, you’ll find the information you need in the Cornell Workday. You can find job descriptions for various positions, learn about Two-Step Login, and contact information for the HR department.

Job description for hydrology and hydrologic modeling position

The job description for a hydrology and hydrologic modeling position at Cornell University outlines the role of the Hydrology Specialist. This position is based on Cornell’s Ithaca campus and offers an annual appointment. It requires a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or related field, 2 years of professional experience, and expertise in hydraulic modeling and spatial datasets. Applicants should be able to work in a diverse environment and demonstrate the ability to work independently and collaboratively.

The duties of this position include collecting and analyzing data from field plots and commercial farms. They must also have extensive knowledge of hydrology and plant identification. Their duties include collecting and analyzing hydrology and soil data, writing baseline documentation reports, conducting spatial analysis, preparing method and data presentations, and managing field crews. In addition, this position requires travel and occasional weekend work.

The duties of this position include monitoring, analyzing, and modeling hydrological data using a variety of computer programs. Typically, this position requires up to 50 percent field work and 50% laboratory work. It requires moderate physical activity in the field and requires the ability to follow instructions and work independently.

A Senior Scientific Associate is needed for the Everglades Water Management District to support the assessment of hydrological restoration effects on Everglades ecosystems. This person will be a part of the team that evaluates hydrologic restoration alternatives and recommends improvements to current water management. The work also requires analysis of water and sediment nutrient content.

A successful candidate for this position is an advanced undergraduate or recent college graduate with an interest in hydrology and hydrologic modeling. Applicants should have significant experience in data entry, database management, and statistical programs. They should also be well-organized and be able to work independently.

Job description for payroll production support position

The payroll production support position is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and timely processing of payroll. The successful applicant will have experience working in payroll and accounts payable systems. The position requires advanced excel skills and knowledge of Cornell’s on-line systems, including KFS, Workday, and OBIEE Dashboards & Answers. To apply for the position, you must submit a resume and cover letter.

The job description for payroll production support includes a number of duties, such as working with end-users and payroll technical staff. Other duties include performing system testing, preparing ad hoc reports, and documenting payroll processes. Additionally, the position requires you to have an interest in learning new technologies and supporting the company’s values.

To apply for this position, you must be a student at Cornell University. If you are a returning student, you must submit an email to the Student Employment Coordinator indicating the amount of work study you have received. While many students spend their four years working in the same department, it is important to inform your supervisor if you intend to return to the same position.

Benefits of Two-Step Login for high-risk tasks

Implementing Two-Step Login is easy to do and offers an additional layer of security. In addition, it can be implemented quickly with little change to existing systems. The process should be included in employee cyber awareness training so users are familiar with it. This will make it easier for them to understand and will make it more effective.

Two-Step Login uses your device to verify that you are who you say you are. If someone else tries to log in using your device, they’ll receive an alert and be required to enter a second password. The system also notifies system administrators. This prevents malicious actors from logging into your account and compromising your personal information.

It also makes it harder for hackers to access your account. Hackers are constantly devising ways to break into systems and steal personal information. It’s critical for small business owners to protect their accounts. To implement Two-Step Login, you need to make sure you’re using a strong password with special symbols. You can also use a password manager to organize your passwords.

To ensure that your security, some websites offer the option of a backup security code. This code can be retrieved from a backup device or phone. Alternatively, you can set a second step verification by providing a backup security key that contains answers to secret questions. This can be used to confirm that you’re the owner of the account.

Two-Step Login is a good way to keep your accounts more secure. It adds a second layer of security by preventing hackers from using your password to gain access to your account. This is important if you’re working on high-risk tasks such as online banking or online shopping.

Contact information for HR department

If you are a Cornell employee, you may have questions about how to access HR services. You can contact your local human resources office to ask about available services. The HR Services Directory can help you find the information you need. The HR Webmaster can also update the information. The following information can help you find HR services at Cornell.

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