Cubeca – How to Make the Most of Cubeca


If you are looking for tips to make the most of Cubeca, you’ve come to the right place! Read this article for information on the Weather in Cubeca, how to earn Rewards from in-game purchases, and the SmartDefi technology used by Cubeca. You’ll feel as though you’ve landed on a virtual island, ready to take on the world! And if you still haven’t purchased anything in Cubeca, you’ll learn how to use the game’s SmartDefi technology.

SmartDefi technology used by Cubeca

The SmartDefi technology used by Cubeca is the first of its kind. This technology has been created to create positive game dynamics by routing a small transaction fee to the asset-backed pool. As the pool grows in value over time, SmartDefi tokens will never lose value. In addition, the baking asset supports interest-free lending. Users can borrow the equivalent amount of the asset-backed token and pay it back within thirty days, or extend it.

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